Sunday, July 12, 2009

We're So Excited!

Things have changed since our last post. While Hollywood taught Jordan a lot about riding a "big horse", he was not the right horse for her for the long-term. After much searching, Karin managed to find a wonderful 4 year-old mare for Jordan. Her name is All By Chance ("Allie"), and I think she is going to teach Jordan a lot. She had a really great start with her previous family, and just seems to get better and better every day. We told Jordan yesterday afternoon that she was her new horse, and she is so excited! They will most likely not show this year - need to make sure they partner well with each other - but will debut in Country Pleasure and Pleasure Equitation in 2010. I plan to keep this blog updated with their progress, both at home, and in the show ring!

In the meantime, Jordan will be showing Dolly at the Rockbridge Regional Fair Horse Show, The Old Dominion Futurity Summer Show and the West Virginia State Fair. Dolly is 23 years old this year, but still wants to go to a horse show! Rockbridge is next week, and Jordan is already counting down the days.

Logan has decided that he may want to start riding again. Since he is now in mens' shoe sizes (I miss buying boys' shoes - so much cheaper!), I am going to have to find him a new pair of riding boots and get him some new jods so he can start taking lessons again. I am glad he is showing an interest in horses again - not sure if it's related to horse show girls or what, but I'll take it! LOL

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  1. congrats! They are a beautiful team. Can't wait to hear more about how they do!